Core Business

Key business areas of Injungbo include the development/supply of information security solutions, digital forensic based solutions, and information protection consulting.

Information Security Solutions
  • Information breach prevention & security incident management solutions [Qator Enterprise]
  • Private information search & encryption solutions [PrivacyFinder]
  • Integrated PC security management solutions [SecuIN Enterprise]
  • Permanent data deletion solution [evEraser]
Digital Forensic Service
  • Computer forensics systems implementation
  • Collect & analyze digital evidence
  • Image recovery and analysis
E-Discovery Solutions
  • Response to disputes between companies & internal information misappropriation
  • Implementation of enterprise security/audit solution
  • eDiscovery system implementation
Information Security Consulting
  • Support for information protection planning in customer systems
  • Implementation of enterprise security management systems for internal IT infrastructure
  • Integration of new security products with existing systems