evEraser 2.0 for Windows™

  Digital Permanent Deletion Solution

  • Business-use PC module in use
  • Permanent deletion of confidential data with trace remained in files/folders/temporary files
  • Deletion setting and operation management through central management module

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evEraser is a deletion solution that permanently deletes files. Huge amount of confidential business information is managed on PC. Regular data deletion can be restored by various restoration solutions. To secure information, it is essential to prevent information leakage through offline activities.

evEraser for Windows distributes central schedule policies and enables its users to understand schedule conduction status through the network

evEraser for Windows can conduct immediate permanent deletion for outdated files/folders on business-use PC's.

evEraser for Windows can set up regular deletion schedule for temporary files. It can be conducted at certain time or when PC is turned off.


External Leakage Prevention for confidential information of personal information and business information
Business material leakage prevention when the business-use PC is re-used by different user/ different department
Prevention of information leakage in the case of internal operation of external employees
Preservation of unit price of used PC in the case of disposal through re-usage of HDD
Easy permanent deletion and usage history management through central management

Main Function

Permanent Deletion of Normal File/ Folder Permanent deletion of file/folder on Windows not to be restored
Permanent Deletion of Deleted Files Permanent deletion of regular deleted files by emptying recycling bins or pressing delete button
Confidential document leakage prevention for the documents created before the use of evEraser
Permanent Deletion of Temporary Files Permanent deletion of documents created inadvertently, such as MS Office temporary files, mail client temporary files, Internet Explorer temporary files, and system temporary files
Permanent Deletion of Storage Drives Permanent deletion of the whole data in the drive
Permanent Deletion of Deleted E-Mail
Permanent deletion of deleted E-Mail massages from Outlook inbox
Permanent deletion of restorable E-Mail message traces
Right Mouse Button Menu
Permanent deletion by adding "permanent deletion" option on the right mouse button menu. Immediate permanent deletion available when files/folders are deleted.
Command Line Execution Feature Immediate permanent deletion available by operating command line instead of using UI menu


Program can be set to follow custom settings
Certain time/ PC log in/ log out/ certain days/ weekly/ monthly operation setting available

Various Deletion Options

Application of various deletion options is available, such as deletion methods suggested by National Intelligence Service or US Department of Defense

Permanent Deletion of Connected Device History

Permanent deletion of storage device connection history

Central Management Feature (C/S)

Permanent deletion schedule set up and management according to security policies.


Operation Chart

Case Study

An insurance copmany has taken on evEraser as its internal security solution in order to permanently delete the company's outdated confidential files and the folders containing these files.

For PCs in current use, evEraser conducts permanent data deletion on the central server and manages processing history

For PC replacement, the outgoing PCs are sent to the asset management office to permanently delete data from the hard drive.

evEraser is installed as internal standard software and performs permanent deletion of history entries according to the central policies
and schedules that are customizable.

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