evEraser 2.0 for Disk™

  Digital Permanent Deletion Solution

  • Modules for Sales/disposal/lease return of PC
  • Permanent deletion of the whole contents in the disk after CD/USB booting
  • Remote deletion feature for network configuration.

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evEraser is a deletion solution that permanently deletes files. Huge amount of confidential business information is managed on PC. Regular data deletion can be restored by various restoration solutions. Regular deleted data are restorable, but permanently deleted data using the solution is never restorable just like chopped paper.

evEraser for Disk has its own OS and permanently deletes the data in PC through CD/USB booting

evEraser for Disk can manage permanent deletion using manager console through Server-Client composition. Network Version Only)


Impossible to restore data
HDD re-use available
Simultaneous deletion on multiple PC
Report creation on the deletion results
Logo application and customization for each customer
Social contribution (donation)available
Preservation of unit price of used PC in the case of disposal

Main Function

Simultaneous Parallel Disk Deletion Operation time can be saved by simultaneous deletion for multiple disks
Operation without OS Permanent deletion available through self-booting
Various Storage Device Deletion Automatic recognition and deletion of SSD, SCSI, SATA, USB external disk
GUI Interface and Mouse Support Easy deletion through GUI built in its OS
Network Configuration Support (C/S)
It permanently deletes data on the PC and sends the results to the user.
Permanent deletion of restorable E-Mail message traces
Results Storage
The final results can be saved in USB.
Results Verification Hash for the report is created to prevent the result report modulation


Operation Chart

Case Study

A securities copmany has taken on evEraser as its internal security solution

For PCs in current use, evEraser conducts permanent data deletion on the central server and manages processing history

For PC replacement, the outgoing PCs are sent to the asset management office to permanently delete data from the hard drive.

evEraser is installed as internal standard software using DMS/PMS. evEraser performs permanent deletion according to
the central policies.

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