• July 2009
Business Fields
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Software Consulting
  • Information Security Solutions Development / Supply    
Main Products
  •  Corporation Audit Solutions
  • Computer Forensic Analysis Solustions
  • Sensitive Data Management Solutions
  • Mobile Forensic Solutions


Certificate of Patent(140218) - Direct Approach System
Filing Date: 02/17/2013
Registration Date: 02/18/2014
Title of the Invention: Direct access system for storage media files using disk interface in the process of computer forensics.

Certificate of Patent(140303) - Data Outflow Prevention
Filing Date: 02/17/2013
Registration Date: 03/03/2014
Title of the Invention: Data leakage prevention system and method for storage media through storage media change detection.

Certificates of Software Quality

Certificate of Software Quality (SecuIn Enterprise v2.0)
Certificate of Software Quality (Qator Enterprise)