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PrivacyFinder Enterprise
  • Remote job
  • Processing results
  • Policy-based
  • Pattern support

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  • PrivacyFinder Enterprise allows seamless implementation of obligations for privacy protection in accordance of Privacy Protection Act.
  • Prevents leaks of customer data or other sensitive data.
  • Allows establishment of effective enterprise information management policy by managing sensitive and confidential information.
  • Improves information management mindset in users via self-diagnosis.
  • Real time sensitive data detection feature allows processing of sensitive and confidential information including temp files which are silently stored in user PC.


PrivacyFinder Enterprise is software that meets requirements stipulated in Technical protection standard of Privacy Protection Act allowing the tracing of sensitive data as well as legal evidence in cases of sensitive data breaches.

System Env.

  • Easily check internal sensitive data, which is transmitted to the server by agents running on user PCs
  • Support for various Windows OSs (Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bits)

Follow-up action

  • Encryption and encrypted isolation of detected files
  • Wipe detected files
  • Preview, view and list detected files

Policy based

  • Instant and periodic check-ups
  • Set up actions to be taken based on search results for department/user/pattern policies

Support pattern

  • Detect sensitive data and patterns including residence identification number, account number, telephone number, passport number, address, mobile number, email, etc
  • Integrity check to prevent errors or excessive/missing detection

Support for various file formats

  • Documents: Support for almost every document format used in Korea including MS-Office, HWP, Open Office, Hunminjeongeum, Arirang, etc.
  • Compressed files: Support for zip, rar, lzh, etc
  • Emails: Support for Outlook, EML, MSG, Lotus Notes, etc
  • Text files: General, formalized and Unicode text files
  • Databases: Support for MDB, ACCDB, dBASE DB, etc

Stats and report

  • Monitor sensitive data by rule, policy and agent
  • Daily, weekly and monthly sensitive data trend analysis
  • Provide reports in various formats including Word/Excel/PPT, PDF, HTML, etc

Forensic analysis

  • Detect deleted files
  • Detect file(s) with forged or modified extensions
  • Check DRM settings
  • Check whether a file is encrypted

Main Function



Real time search

Instantly execute search from central server on PCs with agent installed

Policy based operation

Set up search rule and follow-up action by department/user in accordance with security policy

Self diagnosis mode

Allow user to check data on PC regardless of the security policy

Pattern search

Support search of information patterns such as residence ID/credit card no./phone no. (Syntax based)

File encryption

Support encryption of files containing sensitive data using algorithm certified by National Intelligence Service


Auto encryption/decryption of files when using encrypted files without user operation

File wiping

Completely wipe expired sensitive data so that it cannot be restored or leaked

*Simple detection of deleted files

Check list of files which have not been wiped but incompletely deleted (Restorable)

*Wipe deleted files

Completely wipe files that have not been wiped but incompletely deleted (Restorable)

Support search of various OA files

Support search of data contained in various types of files such as Office / HWP / Hunminjeongeum/ email / compressed files, etc.

Alert of sensitive data creation

Pop up real time alert when sensitive file is created on user PC so that user can encrypt or wipe the file


Create statistics on sensitive data storage and processing by all/department/user to establish security policy

Various reports

Provide report console and integrated report by rule/policy/agent to allow real time monitoring

*Unique functions of PrivacyFinder Enterprise


Operation Chart

Version Comparison

  PrivacyFinder Enterprise PrivacyFinder WEB PrivacyFinder Standard


  • Install agent to monitor current sensitive data status and encrypt files in real-time
  • User logs in for sensitive data server to run check-up program and store the current sensitive data status on server
  • Inspector connects check-up USB into target PC and run inspection programs


  • Real time check up of sensitive data status on PC
  • Real time sensitive data alert and auto-encryption/decryption
  • No loading on PC since it checks data without running an agent
  • Alert function for monthly sensitive data check-up
  • Connect USB when required for check up
  • Operate without interruption of daily work


  • When real-time action required
  • When instant search required
  • When on-going monitoring required
  • When necessary to operate without installing agent on user PC
  • When necessary to inspect sensitive data status on a regular basis
  • When perform offline inspection by administrator necessary
  • When network connection is not available

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