SecuIn Enterprise™

  Integrated PC Security Management Solutions

  • Set policy for security regulation
  • Check & collect policy violation data from those with office access (employees & business partners)
  • Automatically analyze & notify security manager depending on policy violation configuration

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  • Regularly check employee셲 company rule or legislation violations
  • Security solution that easily/immediately prevents internal security breach activity
SecuIn Summary
  • SecuIn Enterprise is an integrated security and inspection solution that checks a workstation셲 security status and enables its users to easily check their security status through the quantified security index.
  • SecuIn Enterprise can conduct both on-line and off-line security checks as well as analyze the most critical security issues of workstations.


Monitor storage & use of key information by installing SecuIn Agent in all PCs within company, and when necessary, delete data remotely & create analytical/statistical reports

SecuIn Features

Key Features

Features Description
Inspect USB storage device
  • Automatically collect information on USB storage device connected to PC
  • Delete connection history
  • Manage files transferred to storage device
  • Block use of unauthorized external storage media
Security system management on target system
  • Windows update management
  • Management of security configuration status & reporting
  • Anti-virus SW & management of malicious code search tools
  • Key security program installation & operation
Document storage risk management
  • Check document storage
  • Check document containing confidential/personal information
  • Batch delete if needed
Efficient security inspection
  • Possibility of prompt digital data remote inspection
  • Clear time series analysis of collected data
  • Analysis function for detailed inspection in case of self-investigation
Efficient administration
  • Periodic reports on analysis results
  • Trend analysis via management console
  • Immediate response to incidents


Perform security-checks by installing an Agent on every in-house PC in a Client-Server configuration

Operation Chart
01) [Security Policies Establishment and Enforcement] Establish in-house security policies and apply them to the security check solution
02) [Security Checks and Quantification of the Results] Check security status of PCs, documents and removable storage devices
03) [Results Analysis and Reports generation] Generate reports by collecting individual quantified results

Implementation Case ("S" IT company)

Problem before implementation
  • Various document security problem occurred at the employee셲 local PC even after introducing 쐂ocument centralization
  • Impossible to figure out the situation of unnecessary old data that user is unaware of causing problem dealing with external audit
  • Need to control employee셲 unnecessary action and security breaches
After implementation
  • Implementation period : 4 months (a month of stabilization included)
  • Number of people used : 10,000 (cooperation included)
  • Secured security function of user and area set exception in 쏡ocument centralization system
  • Continuous monitoring of internal security policy violation of the target PC
  • Check potential high risk for external audit or track down potential high risk for security threat
  • Rapidly process in case of external audit (Process unnecessary trace deletion in a few minutes through ERP)
  • Remote audit for staff and system with long-lasting problem

Before Implementation After Implementation
Document security problem occurs even though 쏡ocument centralization is used Check document storage condition that might threaten security and detect transgressor to take measures
Ineffective one-off PC security condition check Instant security threatening system detection via regular security audit
No way to analyze security threatening system Check high risk group to take measures
Impossible to deal with eternal audit
Maximize effectiveness through easy and quick management
Impossible to audit target
Possibility of remote inspection

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