Integrated PC Security Management Solutions

  • Rapidly confirm security compliance of PCs.
  • Easily grasp security metrics when storing specific files, monitor content search, and identify volatile data, unauthorized media usage and program installation.

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Automated and systemized PC storage media inspection, formerly via inefficient manual inspection, allows rapid and accurate security inspection!


Inspect external storage media
Automatically collect information on external storage media that has been connected to target system
Collect connection history
Summarize connection history
Check media information

Security system management on target system
Windows update management
Security configuration status management and reporting
Anti-virus SW and malicious code search tools management
Key security program installation and operation

Document storage risk management
Check document storage
Search confidentiality or risk patterns in documents
Improve inspection efficiency via classifications
Inspect via content search
Inspect and search DRM document

Efficient security inspection
Analysis features allowing in-depth security inspection
Inspection of volatile data

Efficient administration
Periodic reports on analysis results
Immediate response to incidents

Key benefits

Quickly obtain required information via keyword search
Support search by word and pattern to enable response to various incidents
Search encrypted files within supporting DRM environment
Inspect volatile data in target system
Instant run on USB without having to install
Simple, Easy and user-friendly
Generate reports on security inspections
Inspect more than 15 different items


Operation Chart

PrivacyFinder Enterprise

Qator Enterprise

SecuIn Enterprise